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Centaur Investments is the brand of Centaur that offers structured investment products from Centaur’s bond and fund platforms for private, corporate, and institutional investors. All ‘Centaur Investment’ branded products are structured and managed by Centaur Asset Management, the multi-award winning international asset management and investment advisory division of Centaur, providing investment structuring and management/advisory solutions for individuals, advisors, fund sub-advisory clients, institutions and other divisions, portfolio companies or subsidiaries of the Centaur Group.



Centaur Bond Products

All Centaur bond products are designed to both compliment and strengthen any existing investment portfolio. With annuity rates threatening pension pots, record numbers of investors are looking to restructure or add to their pension provision. Centaur products are perfectly placed to facilitate this need.

With a team of dedicated account managers, we are happy to be supplying exceptionally high levels of service to business introducers throughout the Far and South East Asia, Middle East and Europe.

  • Centaur Natural Resource Bond I & II
  • Centaur Natural Resource Bond III




Selection Process

The selection process of identifying Centaur Group companies and/or projects that require debt or equity financing is managed by Centaur Asset Management , a wholly owned subsidiary of Centaur.

The Centaur Asset Management investment team provides investment strategies, structuring, advice and ongoing management or advisory services with a specific focus on diversified asset classes and uncorrelated investment opportunities.

Centaur Asset Management’s investment team is driven by intensity, integrity, intellectual curiosity and a strong sense of investment and ethical values. The founding principles work closely on every transaction to share knowledge and experience.



Due Diligence Process

All of Centaur’s 35+ subsidiaries, portfolio companies and/or projects undergo a rigorous due diligence process before Centaur makes any investments or acquires a new company or project.

Before packaging a ‘debt instrument’ or ‘bond’ or ‘fund’ to raise finance for a specific subsidiary or project, further due diligence is completed in accordance with the requirements of the listing stock exchange and/or any of the bonds service providers and Centaur Asset Management ultimately manage the process of issuing the debt instrument, or bond, or fund, and deploying the proceeds raised to the relevant Centaur subsidiary or project.

Centaur do not package bonds or raise funds for third parties.