We generally take the lead in developing investment themes and structuring transactions that we will directly invest in and also offer to selected co-investors or other subsidiaries or divisions of the Centaur Group.

The Fund Platform managed by Centaur Asset Management Ltd (“CAM”), the asset management division of the Centaur Group is particularly well suited for sophisticated and High Net Worth investors seeking the flexibility to select their own optimal exposure to each individual investment.

Our ability to deploy our own funds alongside those of co-investors ensures a full alignment of interests.

Under our Fund Platform, we will typically look at opportunities that have the following characteristics:

  • Minimum ticket size of USD 10 million and preference for control or significant minority
  • Operations or investment strategy in the jurisdictions in which we are focused
  • Potential for IPO or other liquidity or exit event clearly identified
  • Clear source of sustainable competitive advantage and leadership position within its industry or market sector
  • Potential benefits from recently realized or expected structural changes within industry
  • Joint investment from financial or ‘JV’ partner preferable

For further information on CAM, the Centaur Fund Platform and the asset management and investment advisory services; please visit