Our Private Equity team employs a focused and systematic investment process, creating value through rigorous analysis and selection of prospective investments, proactive portfolio monitoring and management and carefully identified exit strategies.

The process adopted with respect to assessment of investment opportunities envisages six stages:

1. Origination
2. Initial screening and preliminary discussions
3. Due diligence and negotiation of the key terms
4. Structuring and closing
5. Business planning, monitoring, support and value creation
6. Exit

We believe that active involvement is the driver for turning locked-up potential into real and tangible value. We will, therefore, adopt an active role in each Portfolio Company to ensure value creation while minimising disruption to normal business and management activities.

Exits in investments may be completed through an Initial Public Offering (“IPO”), private placement prior to an IPO, a financial or a trade sale to another fund or private equity company or to strategic investors. We will decide on the appropriate exit route providing the highest possible returns for investors and our own proprietary investments in conjunction with the management team of the portfolio company and other associated shareholders.

We employ a range of investment styles and work with management teams to structure transactions that reflect the risks and opportunities associated with each portfolio company. Investment structures may include common equity via private placements or proprietary investments, debt, Islamic debt, convertible debt, bridge loans, mezzanine finance and credit support.