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The Centaur Foundation, an initiative that is intended to provide opportunities for Centaur to contribute in a meaningful way to significant broader sustainability issues facing humanity, is part of our overall Corporate Social Responsibility programme.




The Centaur Foundation supports charitable initiatives that improve the quality of lives in our changing world. We work with our chosen charities to strive to create environments which foster a child’s development with specific focus on donations to provide shelter, food, informal education, regular health check-ups and the chance for a child to lead as close to a normal existence as possible. We aim to work with charities that do not create a cycle of donor dependency, but rather empower people, teaches life skills and facilitates development within communities.


A subsidiary of the Centaur Group held a charity fundraiser at the Swissôtel Hotels & Resorts hotel in Bangkok, Thailand recently that successfully raised over $30,000 USD for the ‘Free The Children’ charity.