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Multi-award winning Centaur Private Equity is one of the Private Equity divisions of Centaur. Centaur Private Equity’s aim is simple: to give the management teams we work with and invest into, the tools and resources they need to build lasting capabilities and competitive advantage.




We have the ability to invest a mix of proprietary capital, and/or debt or equity raised from Centaur branded investment products, which enables us to invest with a longer-term vision through a variety of tailored investment solutions giving us significant flexibility in terms of both the financing structure of transactions and the length of time we hold our investments.

In line with Centaur’s ethos, we are a longer-term, innovative and patient investor focusing on investments in companies, projects and/or investment opportunities in the asset management, wealth management, private equity, venture capital, mining and natural resources, and agricultural sectors.


The Centaur Asset Management team manages all of our investments and has first-hand industry experience with an in-depth knowledge of diverse operational environments, commodities and industry dynamics. With an extensive track record of investing in the development, structuring and operation of companies large and small, we have made investments in companies across a broad range of sectors, stages of development and geographical locations.